Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Egg Tree

An Easter Egg Tree does exist, and it can be found in Germany. Around 1945, when he was a young boy, Volker Kraft saw his very first Easter Tree (Eierbaum, Osterbaum or Ostereirbaum, in German), and decided he would have one of his very own, when he grew up. Time passed and young Volker got married and had a family but his childhood dream stuck with him and he decorated his first Easter Tree, in 1965. He used 18 colored plastic eggs.

But the tree was growing fast and he and his wife, Christa couldn’t afford to waste so many Easter eggs. So they began drilling holes into the eggs, using the contents in the kitchen, and the painted shells as decorations. When their children grew up, they started helping with the decorating,and the Easter Tree became a family tradition, known not only in their home town of Saalfeld, but all of Germany.

Visit the official website of the Easter Egg Tree:

Take a look at the egg count starting from 1965 where the tree had 18 eggs and now In 2012 there are 10,000 eggs - WOW!

I want to make an Easter Tree too - but maybe I should start off small =)

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